A brief history of Pelligra

  • A brief history of Pelligra

    An iconic family business with a prestige reputation in the property development and construction industry – explore how Pelligra was constructed.

    While experience teaches us a lot of things, it’s the family that moulds our understanding of the very foundations we embody.

    We believe in thinking not only of today, and not just tomorrow, but the next generation.

    Digging up the earth, with just a shovel and wheelbarrow, this is how Pelligra came to be.

    Pelligra, a proven and ambitious high-profile company driven by a solution focused attitude. Being recognised in the construction and development industry as an innovative entrepreneur, Pelligra is known for his original thinking ability and his ability to solve problems by thinking outside the square.

    From the dirt, up

    The roots of Pelligra travel to unthinkable depths and graze the clouds with sky-high developments. Pelligra’s profound background hits the construction industry by storm, and development knowledge is poured into an era of direct result to an innovative business.

    Pelligra hails from a construction and building heritage, whose family have over six decades of diverse experience. Since childhood, Chairman Ross Pelligra has been raised and nurtured to inherit the family legacy of master builders and business acumen. His informal learning begun at the tender age of 11, when his father commenced instructing Ross by regularly exposing him at various construction sites and business negotiations that his family had been involved with.

    Ross’ formal career started with the family at the early age of 17 years. He has since been involved in the construction and development industry with 19 years of direct experience in Victoria, interstate and internationally.

    The Pelligra’s determination has seen them ultimately understand all facets of the construction and building industry, while constantly digging deeper for success. Their desire has always been about to understanding the intricate details of the construction, development, and business negotiation process as with challenging the practical experience with the possession of a broad range of technical qualifications, and undertaking a wide array of jobs/projects.

    Having been born into an established and successful company, it is evident in the wealth of experience and wisdom Ross displays as Chairman that Pelligra will continue to grow and expand from strength to strength like a base of a building for generations to come.

    Established in 1960, the Pelligra Family is a third-generation construction company with a large profile of construction and properties throughout Victoria and Interstate.

    The Pelligra family network is an extensive legacy of Rosario Pelligra Snr, who has and continues to guide the direction of the company as the Managing Director. Rosario Pelligra Snr with his knowledge and experience as a commercial builder in Italy, made it his priority to duplicate the success and his family’s success in Australia.

    From the late 70s, Rosario Pelligra Snr shifted his focus of his role as Chairman of the board and made way for his son Luigi Pelligra, to take over as Managing Director of the company. Since then, Luigi Pelligra with his sons Rosario, Paul, Anthony and Michael have been successful in expanding the business. Today, the company not only has a large portfolio of property throughout Victoria, but have expanded Australia wide and consequently amalgamated into the Asian market.

    We listen to the needs of all parties, because every project should be a win-win. Every contributor should benefit. Developing with a long-term view makes things sustainable.

    The Pelligra Family value integrity and place a strong emphasis in building quality relationships with all their networks. Pelligra knows the landscape like the back of its hand. They are constantly thriving for new commercial and residential marketplaces, keeping in mind the upcoming trends and demands for the next 10 years and beyond.

    By doing that little bit extra at the start we aim to make sure a building works well now but also has a future.

    By incorporating as many intelligent elements into the prestigious designs and development as possible, Pelligra ensures that its buildings will need minimal upgrades in the future. Pelligra is aware that they cannot anticipate everything, however, it is in their best interest to stay abreast of the curve and what the future may bring.

    For the love of buildings and the land we build on

    Pelligra is a big believer of opportunity and fuels on growth – providing extraordinary prospects wherever the sun shines. For Pelligra, it’s all about prospering and building a better society to live in. From refining employment, to education and lifestyle opportunities, and most importantly providing cleaner environments and greater energy efficiency.

    Pelligra encourages more decision makers with vision and commitment. Pelligra calls for governments that spend wisely on infrastructure and encourage developers to build smart.

    Today, Pelligra is moulded by its infancy, and stands strongly by the belief that how we plan and develop will determine how we move forward, as a society.