Capability Statement

Capability Statement

Pelligra is an established construction and development company with an extensive portfolio of successful commercial, industrial and multi-purpose projects across Australia and Asia.  

After half-a-century of operation spanning three generations, the company continues to hold true to the values on which it was founded: integrity, respect, hard work, and holding itself to the highest standards.  It is committed to remaining at the forefront of the industry through intelligence and insight, capability and adaptability, innovation and vision.

Pelligra's pillars

A core belief that underpins Pelligra’s approach and operations is that true success comes when all parties benefit.

To this end, the team is dedicated to identifying, understanding and fulfilling the specific needs of every client on every project.

Clients and partners can rest assured that the company prides itself on its:

  •         financial strength and stability;
  •         unequalled experience and understanding of commercial development;
  •         commitment to the highest quality products and workmanship;
  •         socially and environmentally responsible practices;
  •         ability to offer outstanding value;
  •         processes designed to deliver excellent service.
Core values

Vision Statement

Pelligra is committed to providing robust, innovative commercial construction and development solutions, which lay the foundations and supply the framework for the ongoing success of each client’s business.

Mission Statement

Pelligra is well on its way to becoming Australia’s leading provider of bespoke, best-fit commercial facilities, which enhance both individual businesses and the broader community in which they operate.


Pelligra believes that good business is built on integrity, underpinned by respect.

The company puts people first and encourages staff to:

  •         value each other’s contributions;
  •         work collaboratively;
  •         remain adaptable;
  •         strive for continual professional development;
  •         be open and accountable.


In endeavouring to be the best it can be, Pelligra is committed to:

  •         industry best-practice operations;
  •         cutting-edge methodology;
  •         innovative solutions;
  •         a high-performance culture;
  •         an inclusive and supportive workplace.

Value Proposition

When you engage Pelligra you are partnering with a team committed to creating a commercial facility that will contribute to the ongoing success of your business.

Core capabilities

The Pelligra team has decades of experience in commercial property development and specialises in all aspects of land identification and acquisition, planning and approvals, design, construction, fitout, leasing and ongoing management of commercial facilities.

With the capacity to provide a comprehensive end-to-end service, the team can tailor an offering to suit, leveraging any number of the following:


By keeping up with the latest real estate market trends, the business is always across where to buy a suitable property and how much to pay.

Development Approval

By leveraging strong relationships with council, government and statutory authorities, as well as an in-depth understanding of planning regulations, Pelligra projects progress.


By diligently assessing the needs of each client, the team is able to create detailed designs that ensure every new facility is not only at the cutting edge of contemporary trends but fits the business like a glove.


By combining outstanding preparation, a dedicated and talented team of on-site personnel, and a high level of quality control, Pelligra consistently turn plans into fully formed reality that exceeds expectations.

Design & Construct

By calling on expertise across the entire spectrum of commercial development skillsets, the company is able to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end service, conceiving, managing and delivering completed projects.

Project Management

By approaching each project with a strong eye for detail and a commitment to effective planning, experienced project managers ensure that every box is ticked and every requirement of every client is accommodated.


By understanding the importance of aesthetics, ergonomics, quality and comfort – and getting the balance right – Pelligra delivers state-of-the-art office, showroom and retail fitouts.


By matching astute investors with prime commercial opportunities, leasing becomes a win-win-win.


Pelligra prides itself on being a leader in the commercial development sector due to an unmatched all-round capability that informs all aspects of its operations.

Financial stability

Boasting an extremely strong and secure financial position, Pelligra  has no financial institution charges or mortgages over the business, extensive assets under acquisition, and substantial contingency reserves. The company enjoys a long-standing positive and productive relationship with Australia’s major banks.


Extensive experience in commercial construction and development, particularly on the part of the directors and management team, brings a deep understanding of the industry and what it takes to consistently deliver successful projects. Experience is more than longevity: it’s a clear track record of meeting challenges and producing results.


The high standards that the business has always valued are just as apparent in the many buildings that have stood the test of time as in the advanced products selected, high-quality finishes applied, and impressive structures completed year after year. Partners and clients can be assured that the QMS guarantees excellence.


Pelligra understands what is important to each client and is committed to incorporating those elements into the partnership, the processes, and the completed project. What the client values, the team values too.


A thorough risk management process, coupled with extensive experience in planning, scheduling, project management, and resolving challenges, ensures that projects are delivered with maximum efficiency.


Having considered structures and process in place, and employing the right people to fulfil each role, ensures that the business consistently provides outstanding service to clients, including clear and regular communication, and immediate care and attention should any concerns arise.


A long-time trailblazer in the commercial construction and development sector, the company continues to encourage its staff to keep abreast of the latest trends, innovate, think creatively, and challenge convention.

Social responsibility

The principals believe that commercial construction and development has a significant impact on local communities and are determined to ensure that impact is positive.

Systems and policies

Pelligra values and respects its people, its clients, the community and the environment, and accordingly has the following systems and policies in place.

Quality Management Systems

Pelligra is ISO accredited and qualified – a certification that is internationally recognised. The QMS ensures that not only is each project deliver to regulatory requirements, but that the business operates at optimum levels.

By enabling the business to monitor and measure the performance of systems and processes, the QMS allows the company to identify potential areas for improvement and, ultimately, facilitates greater efficiency and a better service.

Risk Management

As the construction industry is inherently risky, risk management is a vital component of the construction process. The business has a robust risk assessment and management process formulated to take into account a wide range of potential risks and hazards.

A thorough understanding of risk management at all levels mitigates against the possibility of accidents, delays, and/or cost impacts, with the aim of providing the greatest level of surety and the best outcomes for clients.

Occupational Health & Safety

An unwavering commitment to occupational health and safety extends from management through full-time personnel to subcontractors and suppliers.

All staff have formal OH&S training, only fully compliant subcontractors are engaged, regular safety inspections and site audits are carried out, and relevant systems and processes are monitored and updated as required.

Environmental Policy

Environmental and social responsibility go hand-in-hand at Pelligra. Care and respect for the environment ensures sustainability, protects people and communities, and reduces negative impacts.

The company complies with all regulations and meets or exceeds industry standards for environmental management and protection, including handling of waste materials, minimisation of noise and dust emissions, working in native grasslands and around established trees and shrubs.



Multi-million dollars worth of property under acquisition in a diverse portfolio.


In excess of 800 tenants in place, most on long-term leases.


Completed projects in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, the Philippines, and China.


Around 1300 significant projects successfully delivered.


Pelligra is a member of the Green Building Council Australia, Property Council of Australia, Master Builders Association, Australian Institute of Building, Australian Constructors Association and Australian Industry Group.

Company Details

Full name of company:  Pelligra Build Pty Ltd

Registered office: Suite 201, Level 2, 1473 Sydney Road, Campbellfield, VIC, 3061

Postal address: Suite 16, 1-11 Elgar Road, Derrimut, VIC, 3030

ACN: 611 248 778

ABN: 25 797 702 987

Place of incorporation: Victoria

Builder’s Registration Number: CB-L 30724

CBUS Employer Number: 98783

Phone: 03 9307 4555

Email: [email protected]


Public Liability

Insurer: Liberty International

Policy Number: 420844

Limit for Public Liability: $20,000,000


Insurer: Xchanging

Policy Number: 14813827