Interview: Pip Casabene

  • Interview: Pip Casabene

    Pelligra are pleased to be part of another project in 2 Jessica Way, Truganina. The latest landmark is drainage business Casabene Group where Pelligra has worked closely with the business family tree to achieve a fully functional warehouse.

    The size of the site covers 11,608 m² and the warehouse will house office facilities, a workshop to fix all machinery, a large hardstand for trucks and excavators. Our client, Pip Casabene has moved in with the rest of their successful business where a large portion of equipment and machinery can be stored, respectively.

    Casabene Group has a profound presence in the excavation, drainage and heavy haulage industry. Founded over 40 years ago, the Casabene group continue to expand and grow their services on a collateral scale across Australia. With almost half a century of distinct services including drainage and excavation, Pip Casabene has successfully taken over the joy-stick and branched out with its uphill success of the company.

    The Casabene Group was formed in 2010 following the strong familial lineage since Pip’s father Michael passed it down in just a single grain of sand into the years of developments consequently producing up to 400 pieces of land. Now the pendulum has swung for the group, where Pelligra has contributed into a multitude of areas and meeting a contented construction solution.

    The latest project features additional perks to the up and coming suburb of Truganina. The many features to the precinct sees various advantages such office spaces covering 884.37 m², a significant amount of space for office stations. The Wyndham City is located on the western edge of Melbourne and features 27.4 km of coastline. Truganina sits next to the municipalities of Greater Geelong, Moorabool, Melton, Brimbank and Hobsons Bay.

    The two-storey building extends up to 9.15 meters high and comprises of six roller doors and 336 m² of canopies. This extra bit of space would benefit Casebene’s extensive range of services that they offer including plant equipment for hire and a variety of excavators, skid steers, dozers, graders and more. Casabene also offers alternative equipment hireage such as truck hire and heavy haulage.

    The site features a service/wash area of up to 474.33 m² for trucks and heavy machinery. A paved area or a handstand of 6,647.09 m² will be constructed to allow for plenty of space for parking heavy vehicles. In addition to that, there will also be parking lot comprising of 63 car parking spaces (including 2 disabled).

    In 2011, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released a statistic chart of the main industries people from Truganina worked in. It was reported that 11.9 per cent of people from Truganina worked within the Manufacturing industry, creating job opportunities for locals and giving substantial demand for the Casabene Group and its thriving business. Sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

    The facility will also feature a neighbouring drive-thru café with an area space of 206.61 m². This convenient location is situated in the industrial precinct of Melbourne’s inner-west and is approximately 21km from the CBD and just shy of 12km from Altona beach.