Jason Allard says big advantages to Steelforce warehouse

  • Jason Allard says big advantages to Steelforce warehouse

    Steelforce is one of Australia’s leading manufacturing structural steel companies with a well-established track record of successful operations. With branches in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Tamworth and Toowoomba; Derrimut is Steelforce’s biggest hit yet.

    While Pelligra has worked closely with client Jason Allard to identify the business needs and logistic preferences of Steelforce, Mr Allard had exhibited confidence throughout the construction phase to the very handover that he describes will strengthen the manufacturer.

    Operations Manager, Mr Allard, said in an interview with Pelligra that the new facility in Derrimut was playing a growing role in not just the manufacturing process, but also in products, allowing Steelforce to make ends meet with its customers with an all-in-one warehouse and sales facility to target more efficiently than they did in the past.

    The site presently comprises a main warehouse which was constructed around August 2016 and includes approximately 400sqm of offices over two levels. Its stand out features is a drive around truck access for constant heavy offloading and logistic purposes, vast amount of warehouse space and gantry cranes for loading stock, and generous on-site ample parking for staff and customers.

    When Pelligra asked Mr Allard what he thought about the new 8,437 sqm purpose built facility in Derrimut, it wasn’t long before he welcomed Pelligra with open arms and began listing all the advantages Pelligra has brought to their new facility and overall business requirements. You can view the project in full here.

    What’s your history like with Steelforce?

    ‘I’ve been with Steelforce since 2010. I’ve done a few different roles for them, from their operations managers role in their Brisbane facility, to their manufacturers management role in China’, said Mr Allard. ‘I have been overseeing the move from Dandenong to Derrimut, and now I can happily say that I am positioned here in Derrimut.’

    What are some of the advantages of the new facility?

    ‘One of big advantages for us are that its purpose-built – it’s important that the width for us is 32 metres for each of the bays which allows us to organise our stock neatly and not lose any space, and allowing for safe walkways throughout the warehouse. We store a lot of heavy steel on the concrete so its advantageous that the concrete is purpose-built where concrete is designed to take the heavy loads that we have. We have a number of trucks come and go each day so large roller doors are another important feature making it easier for trucks to turn in and out of the facility.’

    Could you list some of its distinctive features?

    ‘We have 5 overhead cranes which make moving our products around the warehouse and loading trucks much easier compared to the old days of forklifts.
    ‘I suppose one of the biggest advantages for us is that we were previously spread across two sites, two storage facilities, an offsite sales team, and an offsite container unloading facility which is all all under one roof now. This feature should save us some money in regards to operational efficiencies.’

    What can you comment about Steelforce’s growth?

    ‘Melbourne’s market is a little bit tougher particularly now compared to other states such as our branches in Queensland, NSW and Western Australia, but we see a lot of growth out in the western corridor and that’s part of reason why we’ve moved from the east side to Derrimut to hopefully taking advantage of the growth but still service our customers on the east side of town.’

    What is the future like for Steelforce?

    ‘Our aim is to be the top 3 structural steel providers in the Australian marketplace. This facility has been set up to try and aid in achieving that. We pride ourselves on next day delivery or customer service, taking orders at 5pm the current day and picking those orders throughout the night, and loading them in the warehouse to hopefully getting them out the next day.’

    ‘Another advantage for Steelforce is that we have our own 2 tube mills in in China that are Australian owned and we control the manufacturing process, and the quality of the product there is equal to all the Australian producers.’

    ‘Steelforce is an environmentally friendly building, we’ve got LED lighting and all the benefits that come with that, so I guess you could say that future for Steelforce is bright.’

    What else can you say about the new purpose-built facility?

    ‘It’s always nice to move into a new facility – we’ve got the large 9 meter awnings which allows us to store some of our products outside and we’ve got ample parking for all of our workers, staff and customers which we haven’t had at our previous facility.’

    Mr Allard has shown satisfaction leading up to the interview, having commemorated Pelligra for meeting its business objectives and providing an overall warehouse facility that Steelforce can strive from.

    For more information about the project, please visit our projects page.