Pelligra is dedicated to maintaining positive relationships with associate businesses and clients because we believe communication and collaboration are essential to ensuring the standard of excellence we provide. Building relationships is the first step towards building of any kind, and teaming up with local governments and partnerships with other businesses are essential elements of a strong foundation. By treating our affiliates with respect and consideration, we can rely on their influence and resources to get our projects off the ground.


Pelligra is dedicated to exceeding expectations so that our reputation continues to grow and our work will speak for itself through the satisfaction of our clients. We specialise in providing tailor-made spaces specific to the needs of each client so that your business can hit the ground running without having to worry about building modifications. By approaching the design process with careful consideration, and incorporating as many intelligent elements as possible, Pelligra ensures that its buildings will need minimal upgrades in the future.We’re not just building for now; we’re building for a lifetime. Pelligra projects are designed to have a positive impact on everyday life and work, providing businesses and individuals with everything they need to achieve maximum efficiency and success.


Pelligra’s premier service is providing our clients with turnkey products designed specifically for their needs. Nothing about our developments is generic. Pelligra continually seeks to break new boundaries and engineer examples to human ingenuity and imagination. We approach every development as a mediation between aesthetics, practicality and sustainable design. We pride ourselves in providing cleaner environments and greater energy efficiency. Pelligra is playing its part in building a better society. Through our hard work and success, we provide the means for other companies to prosper, and the impetus to keep our society moving forward.


Pelligra’s core focus is development, but our services cover every corner of the design and construction process. Our end-to-end service guarantees quality control and reliable project management. We take a hands-on approach to every project, from the executive level through to our talented team of on-site personnel, and regard every obstacle as an opportunity for improvement.