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Mission Statement

Pelligra is well on its way to becoming Australia’s leading provider of bespoke, best-fit commercial facilities, which enhance both individual businesses and the broader community in which they operate.

Pelligra's Legacy

Pelligra is in its third generation as a family business. Our knowledge and expertise in development and construction – passed down through generations growing stronger and steadier – permeates every level of business. Our extensive foundations provide us with the confidence and strength of will to break new boundaries and continue improving with persistence and innovation – which we have done for 60 years.

Our long-standing involvement in the real estate market gives us unparalleled insight in locating value and investment security, and a keen eye for predicting upcoming trends and demands. With our extensive range of partners and contacts, we are ideally positioned to match astute investors with commercial opportunities.


Multi-million dollars worth of property under acquisition in a diverse portfolio.

In excess of 800 tenants in place with most under long-term leases.

Pelligra has completed projects in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, the Philippines and China.

Over 1200 prestigious projects have been successfully delivered interstate and overseas.

Core Values

Through robust, innovative construction and development solutions, Pelligra executes each project to the highest level, ensuring long-term success for each client. Our dedication to our projects ensures your investment has solid foundations and the framework for success.

Pelligra believes that good business is built on integrity, underpinned by respect. With each project we put our people and clients first, valuing every contribution, encouraging collaboration and adaptability and always remaining open and accountable. Pelligra’s team continually strives for professional development, ensuring our team delivers superior work.


In endeavouring to be the best it can be, Pelligra is committed to:

• Industry best practice operations
• Innovative solutions
• Cutting edge methodology
• A high performance culture
• An inclusive and supportive workplace

Quality Management Systems ISO 9001

Pelligra employs a Quality Management System (QMS) that integrates our various internal processes and provides a systematic approach for project execution. QMS enables Pelligra to identify, measure, control and improve the core business processes that will ultimately lead to improved business performance. Our aim is to always deliver a project that meets customer and regulatory requirements. Our quality management ensures we are constantly improving on our business processes and systems, ensuring we maintain our high level of customer satisfaction and service. Click here to find out more.

Risk Management And Occupational Health & Safety

As the construction industry is inherently risky, risk management is a vital component of the construction process. The business has an extensive risk assessment and management process formulated to take into account a wide range of potential risks and hazards. A thorough understanding of risk management at all levels mitigates against the possibility of accidents, delays, and any cost impacts, with the aim of providing the best outcomes for clients.

An unwavering commitment to occupational health and safety extends from management through to full-time personnel, subcontractors and suppliers. All staff have formal OH&S training, only fully compliant subcontractors are engaged, regular safety inspections and site audits are carried out, and relevant systems and processes are monitored and updated as required.

Environmental Policy

Environmental and social responsibility go hand-in-hand at Pelligra. Care and respect for the environment in our processes aid sustainability, protects people and communities, and reduces negative impacts. The company complies with all regulations and meets or exceeds industry standards for environmental management and protection – including handling of waste materials, minimisation of noise and dust.

Company Details

Full name of company: Pelligra Build Pty Ltd
ACN: 611 248 778
ABN: 25 797 702 987
Place of incorporation: Victoria
Builder’s Registration Number: CB-L 30724
CBUS Employer Number: 98783
Phone: 03 9307 4555

Public Liability Insurer: Liberty International
Policy Number: 420844
Limit for Public Liability: $20,000,000 WorkCover
Insurer: Xchanging
Policy Number: 14813827